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Cost Savings

Profit Finders utilizes proprietary data collection and analysis techniques to uncover minute process paradigms that are slowing siphoning off bottom line profits from your operation. We then work with your team to plug these holes and create simple process reporting tools to ensure problems are not allowed to creep back into the process.

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 Direct / Material Cost Reduction

  •  Natural Gas
  •  Electricity
  •  Water
  •  Metalworking Fluids / Coolants & Lubricants
  •  Chemicals / Cleaners & Paint Pretreatment
  •  Coatings / Powder, Liquid & Plating
  •  Waste Treatment

 Operation Efficiency / Cost of Quality

  •  Increase Process Control
  •  Increase Product Quality
  •  Increase Throughput & Capacity
  •  Reduce/Eliminate Scrap & Rework
  •  Increase Labor Productivity

 Increase Sales & Market Share

  •  Use Technology To Attract Quality Conscious Customers
  •  Reduce Operating Costs
  •  Compete With Low Cost Labor Countries
  •  Strategic Advantage Relative To Competitors

 Management Information

  •  Fact Based System
  •  Detailed Costs Data Correlated To Product Mix
  •  Pricing & Profitability By Product Line
  •  Waste Treatment Regulatory Reporting
  •  Trend Analyses & ROI Analyses
  •  Generate Hard Data Daily On Cost Savings

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